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Nov. 28, 2015

USDA Homes Loans in Redding

USDA Loans


USDA loans in Redding, CA and Shasta County are for clients looking to buy in the outskirts of Redding.  Areas that qualify are not as populated as big cities.  The government has created funds available for these properties and it is called the USDA loan.  Clients have income restrictions where they can't make over certain limitations.  If you are interested in the USDA loan with $0 down in the Redding, CA area and you want to see if you are approved, please contact our recommended lender Benji Edwardson @  Only1Benji can provided you a pre-approval and let you know if you qualify for this loan.  He can be reached at 530-949-9560 or at

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Oct. 30, 2015


Foreclosed homes are simply houses that have been taken back by the bank.  The house is then listed on our site and the public MLS for sale by a realtor that represents the bank as the seller.  Financing is available on many homes that have been foreclosed upon.  It always depends on the shape of the property.  If the bank is willing to do repairs to the property, then you most likely can get financing.  Other foreclosed homes are in really bad shape and they will specific state, "Cash Only".


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